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Thursday - October 31: The Cultural Food Festival 

In just one classroom, there were so many different cultures. It was an exciting day, a day where differences were realized and accepted. All the aromas mixing, clashing. A fight for supremacy? No, no, they were blending, trying to come together as a single smell. Everyone loves food, you know? And the easiest and tastiest way to explore and learn about a new culture is to have a taste of their cuisine.

I brought in spring rolls (or egg rolls, if you prefer) to share which are part of my, the Vietnamese, culture. The recipe for these rolls have been passed down for so many generations, my family and I lost count of where it started. If you've ever had egg rolls (maybe from Chinese takeout or something), you'll notice that no place, no family, makes the dish the exact same way, same taste. Each have their own unique characteristics and tastes that suit the creator. Over the years, our own recipe has developed and changed, adjusting with each family it gets passed down to. We changed it as it traveled from Vietnam to here in America. It's real neat, you know, eating foods from across the globe. 

Our classroom culture: German, Italian, Dutch, Vietnamese - I bet there were even more. Foods: spatzle, meatballs and sauce (though Italians call sauce gravy), tea berry cake (which tastes like pepto bismol), shoo-fly pie, pizzelle, and pound cake. 

They tasted really foreign to my tongue - more like from another planet, not just a couple thousand miles. I hope that in the future, I will see these places for myself, explore their cultures, and make friends with all kinds of people. I think this cultural food festival was a really interesting and fun way to learn and understand more about our fellow classmates - thank you for reading!


  1. Wow, Melissa! That was wonderful. Each and every part of it was just great. They way you write in detail with words as exciting and exotic as the food. My favorite part was the last paragraph, when you concluded your learning experience. I just loved how all the descriptive words you used to conclude the piece, it seemed as though words smoothed themselves together to create one wonderful work of art. Bravo, you truly are a marvelous writer! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Ally, I appreciate the positive feedback.

  2. Wow! What an awesome job for your first post - I love the detail you use in your writing to describe the food and your experience. You have an amazing way of explaining and organizing your thoughts. Follow your dreams of writing - you have amazing potential! I can't wait to read your next post!

  3. Amazing blog post! I agree, food and family are two of the best things on Earth. I like your point that recipes have traveled not only across the globe, but from generation to generation. In my family we have some recipes that aren't written down anywhere, we all just kind of "know" them and pass them on to others. I wonder what you might think of two of my favorite Jewish foods, blintzes and mandel bread??
    Great writing! Look forward to reading more posts.

  4. wow! once I saw the title I was hooked! It looks like you put a Lot of time and effort which certainly paid off!


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